From Tents to Town; Bozeman’s Historic Main Street

Downtown photo

Join us for a walking tour of Bozeman’s Historic Downtown

From Tents to Town: Bozeman’s Historic Main Street

Tour Guides: Julia Jacobs and Susan Sewell

When: Sundays at 1pm starting May 29, 2022

Where: Meet at The Extreme History Project, 234 E. Mendenhall Street 

To purchase tickets for the tour click here, give us a call at  406-220-2678, or send us an email at Tickets are $15, $13 for seniors and students.

Join us for a walk down Bozeman’s historic Main Street and learn about Bozeman’s role as an agricultural town built to supply the miners flocking to Montana Territory during the 1860s gold rush. You’ll walk along the old Bozeman Trail and witness the path of famous characters such as Nelson Story and Fred Willson who had tremendous influence on the town’s appearance. You’ll see the many different architectural styles that line Bozeman’s Main Street, representing different aspects of local history from our oldest brick building constructed in 1872 to our newer theater district constructed in the 1920s. You’ll come to understand why Bozeman was and still is beloved by its former and current residents. 

A BIG thank you to our sponsor for this tour Moka Montana, a downtown Bozeman boutique located at 36 W. Main Street. Please stop in and tell them hello!



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