Family Matters: Bozeman’s Historic African American Community

Matt Walker (3)
Family Matters: Bozeman’s Historic African American Community

Tour Guides: Crystal Alegria

When: We are not currently offering this tour but if you would like a private tour, give us a call at 406-220-2678 or send us an email at

Where: Meet at the Beall Park Recreation Center, 415 N. Bozeman Ave.

Cost: $15 for tickets, $13 for seniors and students. Children 12 and under are free.

If you would like to reserve a spot on the tour, give us a call at  406-220-2678, send us an email at 

The African American community in historic Bozeman is nearly invisible until you begin to examine the historic census records, newspaper accounts, and city directories. Only then do Bozeman’s black citizens come into focus. One name leads to another and soon a tight knit and thriving African American community emerges during the late 19th century. Working as machinists, laborers, laundresses, housekeepers, and porters, Bozeman’s Africa American people contributed to the building of our city through their labor, religious activity, child rearing, social clubs and community participation. Join us as we follow these founding families and uncover a history that has been silent for over a hundred years.

A big thanks to Leslie Crismond and Chris Faehl for sponsoring this walking tour!


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