Eclectic Communities: Bozeman’s North Side

Rosa and William Beall House MSU Special Collections

Eclectic Communities: Bozeman’s North Side

Tour Guide: Cheryl Hendry, and Julia Jacobs

When: We are not currently offering this tour but if you are interested in a private tour, send us an email at 

Where: Meet at the Beall Park Recreation Center, 415 N. Bozeman Ave.

Cost: $15 for tickets, $13 for seniors and students. Children 12 and under are free.

Join The Extreme History Project for a tour through Bozeman’s dynamic North Side.  On this tour, you will uncover how the community to the north of Beall Street developed, you will learn about the family for whom Beall Street and Beall Park are named, and you will visit one of the oldest remaining houses in the neighborhood – dating to 1874!  Your tour guide will then take you from 1874 into the early 20th century as Bozeman’s North Side became the home to a small but enduring African-American community and to Bozeman’s working class.  Along the way you will learn how historians uncover information about the ordinary, every-day people that did the hard work to build Bozeman.  Join us for tour of Bozeman’s eclectic North Side. 


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