The Contrasting Architectural Styles of Fred Willson

Fred Willson

Where: Meet in front of the Story Mansion located at 811 S. Willson

We are not currently offering this tour but it you would like a private tour give us a call at  406-220-2678, or send us an email at Tickets are $15, $12 for seniors and students.

Join us for a historic walking tour of Fred Willson’s architectural designs ranging from his first project in 1910 with the design of Hamilton Hall to his last project, the Montana State University’s Brick Breeden Fieldhouse. Your guide for this walking tour will show examples of Fred Willson’s work ranging from French Revival to the International style.

Fred Willson was born in Bozeman in 1877 to founding father and mother, Lester and Emma Willson. After High School he attended Montana State College but left as a junior to attend Columbia University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in architecture in 1902. Fred toured Europe with his parents, bringing his experience back to Bozeman where his designs can be seen not only in downtown buildings including the Gallatin County Courthouse, the Dokken-Nelson Funeral Home, Hamill Apartment Building, The Bozeman Armory, and the Hotel Baxter but his architectural designs can also be seen in residential neighborhoods and on the MSU campus.

This historic walking tour will begin at The Story Mansion and will meander through the south-side neighborhood noting Willson’s many residential projects along the way. The tour will end at Montana State University.

A BIG THANKS to our sponsor for this tour, Montana State University’s School of Architecture!

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