Upstream: Uncovering Bozeman Creek

1898 Bozeman Courtesy of Gallatin History Museum
Upstream: Uncovering Bozeman Creek

Tour Guides: Nelson Fortenberry, Cheryl Hendry, Angela Davis, Madison Boone, Taylor Dove, and Carlee Sabus

When: Wednesdays at 6pm through the end of August     

Where: Meet at Bogert Park on South Church Avenue near the pavilion

For an overview of the tour, watch this short video!

Bozeman Creek runs through the heart of Bozeman and has always been an integral waterway for the town and now the city of Bozeman. Join us on a historic walking tour along the creek as we uncover the history and hydrology of this important waterway. This tour was developed as part of Mountain Time Art’s Upstream Project.


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