Spirits, Suds, & Saloons: Bozeman’s Drinking History

Stockman Bar (1)
Spirits, Suds, and Saloons: Bozeman’s Drinking History

Tour Guides: Cheryl Hendry 

When:  We are not currently offering this tour but if you would like a private tour, give us a call at 406-220-2678 or send us an email at info@extremehistoryproject.org. 

Where: Meet at The Extreme History Project located at 234 E. Mendenhall Street 

To reserve a spot on the tour give us a call at  406-220-2678, or send us an email at info@extremehistoryproject.org. Tickets are $15, $13 for seniors and students.

Bozeman’s drinking  industry is nearly as old as the town itself: from our first brewery and saloon, opened in 1867, to the many bars, microbreweries, and pubs that shape Bozeman today, the history of breweries, saloons, and Bozeman are thoroughly intertwined.  Join the Extreme History Project to learn about Bozeman’s brewing history, hear stories of colorful characters in the city’s 19th and 20th century saloons, learn how Prohibition affected Bozeman’s saloon keepers, and visit old neighborhood bars.

A Big THANK YOU to our sponsor for this tour, Julius Lehrkind Brewing!
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