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Adventure Through Time is a program of The Extreme History Project http://extremehistoryproject.org/. Extreme History is an independent non profit (501C3) public history organization that aims to make history fun, engaging and relevant for community, society and policy. We believe that history is an important resource for understanding where we are and how we got here. We must understand these historical processes in order to create our future. Knowing and appreciating history makes a better world. Learn about our team members here http://extremehistoryproject.org/about/

We are based in Bozeman, Montana and create history-based public programming in and around the state of Montana both independently and in conjunction with institutions such as museums, libraries, historical and genealogical societies, and universities. Our current programming includes a monthly lecture series at the Museum of the Rockies and historical walking tours throughout Bozeman.

The Extreme History Project also conducts historical research and is currently working on the history of Fort Parker, the first Crow Indian Agency http://fortparkerhistory.org/ , located nine miles east of Livingston, Montana. We believe that the telling this history, will open important doors for dialogue and healing within Reservation communities as well as reminding ourselves and the world of the inhumanity of the past which continues today.

An important aspect of this work has been documenting oral histories of the Crow Nation from this period. We have filmed and transcribed a series of interviews with tribal elders which are available to the general public at The Montana Historical Society. We worked closely with the Archaeological Conservancy to purchase the site of Fort Parker to protect and preserve it for posterity. The Conservancy purchased the site of Fort Parker in December of 2015. It is the first archaeological site of the reservation period preserved by the Conservancy and it is important for all of us to honor and acknowledge this history.History Isn't Pretty

Our historic programming, such as our historic walking tours, support the research and work we do to bring important historical narratives to light. We greatly appreciate your participation and you can support us further with a donation through the link below.>/div>

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  1. My gt gd dad was Louis Richard, (Reshaw) with his brother John, Jr did trade with miners near Bozeman. John did marry a Crow lady @ Ft. Parker. Tried to find their history in Bozeman. Louis did raise his family at Turhill, SD. Trying to record family history using photos from the family. Any data appreciated. Thanks

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